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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Local H Denver Show Poster & Process Photos

Printing process of
Local H
The Bluebird Theater
Denver, Colorado
art and printing by
John Houser (Leaf Productions)

^^click photo for details^^

Animal Collective, The Ogden Theatre, Denver, Colorado

Animal Collective
The Ogden Theatre
Denver, Colorado
3 color screen print
Design & Printing by
John Houser (Leaf Productions)
All 3 inks are florescent, so, this poster will look best under a blacklight.
The poster looks awesome as is, but, under the blacklight you will see this poster transform.  It would appear as if the ink becomes florescent lights!  The colors will POP! right off of the paper.

Full view of the Show Edition.
This poster was sold at the show and was also SOLD OUT.

CLOSE UP of the Show Edition.
Natural Variant Edition.

I also did a few test prints.  3 were given directly to the band.

Posters are still available on my etsy page:

Thanks for looking!